Friday, 24 January 2014

How to manage your work-life balance with keeping fit

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It is a common knowledge that exercise has many benefits one of which is balancing work and life. 

Individuals who work out regularly are more assertive and self-assured that they can handle anything. They are known to be calm and less stressed by the glitches between their home and work life. 

Every day we encounter many problems in both home and work. Both aspects can affect our life together and also separately.

Career conflicts can impede with your relationship with your family either by using much of your time or by burdening you psychologically. Problems at the office can dampen our spirits and we oftentimes go home depressed or angry. 

On the other hand, aggression's within the home can affect the quality of your labor. 

Personal disputes always find a way in your work performance. Family events can also compete with your work time. 

Exercise helps us to have a balanced, healthy work and family life.

By reducing stress, exercise empowers individuals to be more resilient and lively.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Google Contact Lens Help Patients with Diabetes

Good news for diabetics everywhere! At this time, a new technology is offered by Google.

A convenient contact lens was developed to help diabetics monitor their blood sugar levels.

The prototype was revealed last January 16 and has much potential. It has the promise to replace the skin implants that continuously records the blood sugar levels. Doctors even hopes to dispose of the glucometer and many patients will be happy that they will not undergo anymore the agonizing and cumbersome blood extractions and finger pricks.

Google Contact Lens

The device has a small computer chip that contains a glucose sensor and a very thin antenna. This is implanted between the soft wearable contact lens. This so called “smart lens” is powered by tapping into radio waves in the air and sends data to a smart phone or other related devices.

 We all know that blood sugar levels change every minute depending on the activity and food intake of an individual. Especially for elderly and sick patients, sudden spike and drop of blood sugar is dangerous and may even be fatal! A regular monitoring is a must for those who have labile diabetes.

Continuous, regular monitoring of capillary blood glucose levels by finger pricking is doable but most of us really hate needles. The pain and difficulty in doing finger pricks is the most common cause of discontinuing blood sugar monitoring at home.

According to Google cofounders Brian Otis and Babak Parviz, miniaturized electronics might be the way to solve this problem. This very small chips and sensor might solve the enigma of tear glucose and measure glucose precisely.

Random blood glucose testing is generally measured by obtaining a sample of capillary blood and the ideal method is of determining blood sugar is by venipuncture after an overnight fast.

However, it should be known that glucose can also found and measured in other body fluids such as the tears in the eyes. However, there might be a gap in the detection of sugar levels between the blood and the tears due to the continuous change in sugar levels. Thus, further studies are needed to determine the time interval in the detection and also to determine the factors that may affect glucose levels in the tears.

The idea is remarkable if it can be done said Dr Gerald Bernstein. It should be identified whether the device measures the glucose levels only in the tears outside of the eye or the aqueous humor.

The aqueous humor is the fluid that fills the space between the cornea and iris and it may be a much closer association with the blood sugar than the human tears. However, it is just a body fluid and has a different composition than blood.

Measuring aqueous humor glucose has been studied before and ghave found statistically significant corelatuon with blood glucose. The researchers measured the glucose level by using a low level laser that can send light through the fluid in the chamber of the eye. This was done in the intraoperative blood sugar monitoring of patients undergoing surgery.

 Bernstein said that Google’s revolutionary device is not that easy and may not be what everyone hopes for. However, it may be beneficial in the sense that it is more worthwhile than the current practice of blood glucose determination and monitoring.

 Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in the young hence the term juvenile diabetes. An estimated 3 million of Americans have Diabetes mellitus Type 1. This is an insulin requiring type of diabetes since the body does not produce insulin completely.
Dr Alvin Powers understood the enthusiasm behind the Google lens. A novel device will get much attention. He said that 99% of diabetics suffers and monitors their blood sugar levels by finger pricks because subcutaneous measuring devices are very costly and has to be adjusted regularly. The smart lens needs also to be calibrated on a regular basis for it to be beneficial.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Workout for frenzied folks

This New year, working out and being fit is a fad.  However, year after year, we start our habit then don’t pursue it.  Being busy is always our alibi. 


Now there are hip workouts that doesn’t require too much of your time.  Even frantic office employees, full time housewives and busy dads have no excuse.  

The latest trend in exercise is the high intensity interval regime (aka HIIT) which is ideal for busy individuals who doesn’t have enough time. 

It sprouts from the idea that short, high intensity training are better than traditional forms of exercise.   Tabata is dubbed as the 4 Minute Workout is becoming the work out of choice not just for athletes but for celebrities as well.  It is an intense training that promises to offer a fitter body, the faster way.   It was developed by the Japanese scientist Professor Izumi Tabata and his method consists of 20 seconds of intense exercises repeated 8 times.  The entire routine can increase your aerobic, anaerobic capacity and metabolic rate which can help you look leaner than an entire hour spent on the treadmill. 
This is an exercise that you can fit easily in your lifestyle without sacrificing too much of your time.  You can really feel the effect of your workout.  However, 4 minutes is just a myth because the entire preparation is quite longer.

However, a word caution for beginners.  Nausea, near syncope and ringing of the ears are usually what enthusiasts experience.  This means the routine is working.  Cooling down is such a relief without the sweat.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

How to have a safe workout

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It’s New Year again and most of us feel inspired to start a healthy lifestyle and get back into shape after the Holiday feast.  It’s good to be health conscious; however, for a beginner, not knowing how to exercise properly will likely result to injury.

A large amount of sport and work out related injuries occur yearly.  Most people exercise aggressively and abruptly and strain their muscles.  Wear and tear are usually difficult to diagnose in bones and tendons.  

It is also common for beginners to use incorrect techniques during training.
Thus, it is well advised that we start slow and listen to our body.  It’s important to recognize and follow your body’s limits.  Your program should slowly build your strength and stamina.

Use light to moderate intensity workouts with emphasis on more repetitions and target larger muscle groups first.  This way, you primarily achieve form and balance.

Dr. Shari Liberman, a hand and upper extremity specialist at Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine reports an increase in wrist sprains and other hand injuries during January.

 Dr Liberman advises that we keep our wrist straight when lifting weights.  She suggests that working with a personal trainer is beneficial for beginners in order to develop good form for wrists and back when weight lifting. 

There are also several routines that you can mix and interchange.  Rotating routines can prevent overuse injuries and increase general health by developing different muscle groups.

Being flexible also limits overuse injuries.  Stretching after every workout does this. 
Let your body renew and repair itself by proper amount of rest.  Pain is a sign to slow down or stop.  By listening to your body, you’ll prevent injuries in the end.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

5 Helpful Exercising Advices for Beginners

Its new year again and with the start of 2014, most of us also begins to be health conscious and start enrolling in a gym. When we begin an exercise program, it is essential to look into yourself and gauge your capability. It is important to prepare yourself so as to prevent any exercise related injuries in the future.

 To remain safe while training, consult your physician before attempting any exercise routine

Take baby steps

For someone who is starting out and is new to training, pace yourself and start slow. Gradually increase your work out time and see how your body responds. Stretching yourself beyond its limits is a recipe for disaster. You’ll likely to hurt yourself if you start aggressively.

Stretch safely  

Warming up before an exercise is ideal but if not done at the right time may lead to injury. After your muscles have warmed up, you should stretch your muscles and hold it for a while.

Add spontaneity to your drills

A mixed regimen of aerobic and strength training is needed to develop your ideal physique. Don’t stick to the identical, boring routine every time. When your routine becomes tedious and it becomes a chore, quitting is highly probable. You should find ways to make your workout enjoyable and exciting. To stick to your exercises, do things that you love most such as biking or basketball. Do combinations of a variety of maneuvers.

Ask for help

 For a newbie, gym equipment and set up may seem confusing at first. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, your instructors are there to guide you in your quest for health. Knowing the various machines and how to work out on them prevents injuries.

There are also several weights available.Always remember the beginner’s mantra to start slow. Don’t do the commonest mistake of choosing the heaviest weight. Go on a weight machine and starting at the lowest weight, pull it down and keep adding on. Increase the weight until you reach a point where you can do only once. That’s when you stop. 

Once you have known your maximum weight, you should start at 2/3 of your maximum weight. You should be able to do bout 12 repetitions. You should feel just enough burden. If exercising becomes too much of an effort to the point that you’re straining, you should stop or lessen your load. To lessen injury, don’t be too excited to increase your load quickly

Don’t be an overenthusiastic beginner and try to go to the gym every day. You’ll not only injure yourself, you’ll also quit your training quicker.

Rest is essential

It is the time for your body to recharge and for your sore muscles to heal. If you are not well rested, you’re performance will go down that you may ultimately never recover.

Being sore after a workout is good especially if you’re using your muscles for the first time. But too much pain usually signifies something else. Rest and let your body recuperate naturally. Don’t mask pain with painkillers because it will highly increase your chance of injury. Pain is your body’s signal to stop or slow down so listen to your body.

5 ways to look great while you work out

This New Year, be fit plus look fabulous!  Working out should not make us look sweaty and drab.  Exercise clothes can also be chic and trendy.  So, jazz up your wardrobe immediately!

Don’t wear dull colored shirts

Sure, you look slimmer in dark colors but wear fun and bright colors to imbibe pleasure in your workout.  Look good in funky colored shirts and you’ll feel good too…

Substitute shorts for the boring pants

 Short shorts will inspire you to work harder to tone your legs.  You’ll look sexy and stylish at the same time.
Prettify your look with a bright and cute headband

Getting hair in your face while you’re working out can be a nuisance.  So tuck it in place while maintaining your style with a colorful headband or bandana.  You can match your hair accessory with your outfits for more pizazz.
Wear chic tops

Dish out those baggy and old T-shirts and try different styles of tops such as the sexy racer back.  Whatever style you wear, make sure you fell cool and comfortable.

Grab those fashionable sneakers

Complete your whole outfit with shoes.  Add spice to your routine with colorful and stylish sneakers.  You can also match them with your outfits. Just remember, comfort and usability goes together with style.

Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year’s Health Tips

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It’s the start of the New Year and the best time to review your health habit and make new health resolutions. This is the perfect time for individuals who want to make changes in their lives.

Health experts advise that it is better to practice preventive approach to diseases and be proactive. Most common causes of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension are preventable. Prevention is truly better and cheaper than cure!

We must focus on disease prevention this 2014. Eating healthy, balanced diet and doing regular exercises is not easy but it is important if we want to be fit and strong in order to combat illnesses.

Being proactive does not mean that we have to be religious gym buffs exercising every day and losing a large amount of weight in a short time. Experts recommend making short term and feasible fitness goals. In this way, we are able to stick to our routine and not give up easily.

We should also avoid making radical changes in our diets. It is not healthy to stop eating meat totally. We have to start slow, and try replacing one meal a week with salads.

We get a greater chance of getting our resolutions by making reachable goals.

Sleep and recreation is also a must for staying healthy. In this way, our bodies get to recharge and refresh.

In the essence of prevention, we should also make it a point to undergo medical screenings once in a while. There are age-appropriate medical screening tests such as mammography and Pap smear for women and PSA screening for men. We should make time to ask your physician for available, essential exams and start making appointments. 
Even younger individuals should also be aware of preventive screenings for their age group. In this modern era of fast-food and computers, there are a lot of diseases brought about by unhealthy lifestyle and diet. We should all be aware of this because the complications may be severe if the disease is not detected early. That is why regular screening is so important.

It is also important to keep records of your screening tests and the beginning of the year is an ideal time to arrange your medical records and important documents. Experts recommend making a list of your physician numbers, medications, insurance policies, etc. We are not certain whenever a medical emergency will arise so it is important to be prepared, always!