Thursday, 9 January 2014

5 ways to look great while you work out

This New Year, be fit plus look fabulous!  Working out should not make us look sweaty and drab.  Exercise clothes can also be chic and trendy.  So, jazz up your wardrobe immediately!

Don’t wear dull colored shirts

Sure, you look slimmer in dark colors but wear fun and bright colors to imbibe pleasure in your workout.  Look good in funky colored shirts and you’ll feel good too…

Substitute shorts for the boring pants

 Short shorts will inspire you to work harder to tone your legs.  You’ll look sexy and stylish at the same time.
Prettify your look with a bright and cute headband

Getting hair in your face while you’re working out can be a nuisance.  So tuck it in place while maintaining your style with a colorful headband or bandana.  You can match your hair accessory with your outfits for more pizazz.
Wear chic tops

Dish out those baggy and old T-shirts and try different styles of tops such as the sexy racer back.  Whatever style you wear, make sure you fell cool and comfortable.

Grab those fashionable sneakers

Complete your whole outfit with shoes.  Add spice to your routine with colorful and stylish sneakers.  You can also match them with your outfits. Just remember, comfort and usability goes together with style.

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