Thursday, 16 January 2014

Workout for frenzied folks

This New year, working out and being fit is a fad.  However, year after year, we start our habit then don’t pursue it.  Being busy is always our alibi. 


Now there are hip workouts that doesn’t require too much of your time.  Even frantic office employees, full time housewives and busy dads have no excuse.  

The latest trend in exercise is the high intensity interval regime (aka HIIT) which is ideal for busy individuals who doesn’t have enough time. 

It sprouts from the idea that short, high intensity training are better than traditional forms of exercise.   Tabata is dubbed as the 4 Minute Workout is becoming the work out of choice not just for athletes but for celebrities as well.  It is an intense training that promises to offer a fitter body, the faster way.   It was developed by the Japanese scientist Professor Izumi Tabata and his method consists of 20 seconds of intense exercises repeated 8 times.  The entire routine can increase your aerobic, anaerobic capacity and metabolic rate which can help you look leaner than an entire hour spent on the treadmill. 
This is an exercise that you can fit easily in your lifestyle without sacrificing too much of your time.  You can really feel the effect of your workout.  However, 4 minutes is just a myth because the entire preparation is quite longer.

However, a word caution for beginners.  Nausea, near syncope and ringing of the ears are usually what enthusiasts experience.  This means the routine is working.  Cooling down is such a relief without the sweat.

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