Thursday, 6 February 2014

Excessive Sugar in your diet can lead to heart disease

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Eating foods loaded with lots sugar can help increase the risk of premature death from heart disease that is why citizens are urging Canadian and U.S. governments to offer dietary limits on sugar.

For an individual taking 2000 calories a day that is equivalent to drinking a bottle of soft drink in vending machines would reach the new level of the latest U.S. study that suggests the risk of death from cardiovascular disease (CVD).

According to the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta "A higher percentage of calories from added sugar is associated with significantly increased risk of CVD mortality,"

This finding was based on the national health and diet surveys between 1988 and 2010 of more than 30,000 Americans with an average age of 44. The results suggest that a fatal heart risk is increased once added sugar intake goes beyond 15 per cent of total calories.

"Too much sugar does not just make us fat; it can also make us sick," said Laura Schmidt, a health policy specialist at the University of California, San Francisco.

The American Heart Association suggest not more than 25 grams a day or six teaspoons of sugar for women (five per cent of a 2,000-calorie a day diet) and 38 grams or nine teaspoons a day for men (7.5 per cent of daily calories).

In 2005, a team of experts at the Institute of Medicine, suggest that the Canadian and U.S. governments, should limit sugar consumption to less than 25 per cent of total calories. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests less than 10 per cent of the total daily consumption.

According to the study there were 831 people who have died from heart ailment in the span of the 15 year study. The study also included other factors that causes heart disease such as smoking, inactivity and excess weight into account.


  1. I get so frustrated when I see how so many kids eat, when the parents think candy and cookies are snacks or normal and not just treats!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I have been thinking about the impact of sugar a lot this week with CVS's decided ban on cigarettes. Both can have a big impact on our heart health and overall health. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Our coach always mentions no more than 25 grams of sugar for women and that it feeds disease. I try my best to avoid white and added sugar. Thanks for sharing this article and stopping by WOW Link Up! Don't be a stranger.

  4. I love the name of your blog. Are you a fitness competitor? Visiting from Workout Wednesdays and thanks for submitting your blog to our blog hop.