Monday, 10 February 2014

Smoking and Breast Cancer

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Young women who smoke have a higher risk of common types of breast cancer based on the latest study.

This study showed that women between 20 and 44 who smoked a pack of cigarette per day for at least 10 years is 60 percent more likely than those who smoke less to have estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer.

According to Dr. Christopher Li that there is a increase proof that breast cancer is another cause of smoking.

Prior researched showed evidence between smoking and cancer. This older studies have a different results for younger women who smoke.

Many unanswered questions were raised if smoking increased the risk of some forms of breasts cancers but not others. 

According to Li, a  senior author from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle that there are  sub types of breast cancer and they have examine how smoking affects its sub-type.This data came from Seattle who were diagnosed with breast cancer between 2004-2010.

Base on the data from National Cancer Institute, there is one in every eight women that can develop breast cancer but the risk is lower for younger ones.

Young women who smoked were 30 percent to more likely develop breast cancer compared to those who never smoked.

The findings showed that women who smoked for at least 15 years were 50 percent more likely to have estrogen receptor positive breast cancer than smoker for a few years.

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  1. I am glad that I didn't smoke for that long! I hope the results of this study convinces more women to stop smoking! Have a great Monday!