Friday, 21 February 2014

How To Have A Healthy Heart

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Here are “life’s simple seven “develop by the American Heart Association to enhance heart health and improve total well being.

1 Get active: All you need is thirty minutes a day of moderate exercise to lower your chances of having a heart disease. Aerobic activity improves your heart and makes your blood pressure drop, increase good HDL cholesterol, fights stress, curbs blood sugar,  reduce weight and improves confidence.

"Walking is a great way to improve heart health and it's free, easy and almost anyone can do it. Remember to include weekly strength training, flexibility and balance exercises.

2. Control cholesterol: the safe cholesterol level must be below 200 mg/dL. Cholesterol clogs the arteries and increases your risk getting a heart attack and stroke.

"The cholesterol, saturated fat and trans fat in your food spikes up your cholesterol, together with amount the body makes naturally,

3. Eat better. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is the best way to make your body healthy. The American Heart Association also suggest consuming fish at least twice a week—Salmon and mackerel has omega 3 fatty acids that help lessens blood clothing in the arteries and help protect arteries  from being stiff.

4. Manage blood pressure. One of three adults suffers from blood pressure and most don’t know they have it. . High blood pressure is the most important factor that can lead to heart disease. The safe blood pressure should be less than 120 over 80. If your blood pressure is normal, your heart don’t work hard as much to pump blood through your arteries, arteries are elastic and are not over stretched and all your body tissues receives the right nutrients from a correct blood flow.

5. Lose weight: having an extra weight can increase your chances of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Reducing the pounds helps lower your risk.

6. Reduce blood sugar: Diabetes is a big factor for cardiovascular disease.  Having a healthy blood sugar level avoids diabetes which reduces your risk for heart disease. Diabetics should watch out for their blood sugar to avoid problems like heart disease.

7. Stop smoking: Smoking can lead to a lot of health problems such as heart disease, stroke and heart attacks.


  1. These are very good tips and I practice all of them!! Thanks for stopping by WOW Link Up.

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips! I recently started a "Shaping Up For Summer" link-up, which will run every Saturday through May, and I would LOVE it if you wanted to link up your fitness posts. Hope to see you there!