Saturday, 8 March 2014

Spending A Lot of Time in Facebook can Lead to Eating Problems

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A new study shows that young women who invest a lot of time on Facebook are more conscious on how they look and their body image looks like which  can help   raise the risk of eating problems.

This study  was conducted on 960 college students and how much time they spent on social media sites, how relevant are the "LIKES"  to them and if they have "UNTAGGED" pictures of themselves.

The study also reveals that above 95% of the subjects spends almost 20 minutes on the site per visit and an hour each day. Women who spends time on Facebook are more likely stressed about their weight and body shape that can lead to eating disorders. These women  give value on received  comments and likes on Facebook, and constantly UNTAGGED themselves from photos and observe their photos with pictures of friends.

 Its not all bad for Facebook according to researchers.

 Facebook can also help women about the ethical ways to maximize social media sites that can lead to better self image and prevent eating problems.

 According to study author Pamela Keel, of the Department of Psychology at Florida State University "Facebook merges powerful peer influences with broader societal messages that focus on the importance of women's appearance into a single platform that women carry with them throughout the day," 

 "As researchers and clinicians attempt to understand and address risk factors for eating disorders, greater attention is needed to the emerging role of social media in young people's lives," Keel said. The study was published online recently in the International Journal of Eating Disorders.

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