Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year’s Health Tips

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It’s the start of the New Year and the best time to review your health habit and make new health resolutions. This is the perfect time for individuals who want to make changes in their lives.

Health experts advise that it is better to practice preventive approach to diseases and be proactive. Most common causes of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension are preventable. Prevention is truly better and cheaper than cure!

We must focus on disease prevention this 2014. Eating healthy, balanced diet and doing regular exercises is not easy but it is important if we want to be fit and strong in order to combat illnesses.

Being proactive does not mean that we have to be religious gym buffs exercising every day and losing a large amount of weight in a short time. Experts recommend making short term and feasible fitness goals. In this way, we are able to stick to our routine and not give up easily.

We should also avoid making radical changes in our diets. It is not healthy to stop eating meat totally. We have to start slow, and try replacing one meal a week with salads.

We get a greater chance of getting our resolutions by making reachable goals.

Sleep and recreation is also a must for staying healthy. In this way, our bodies get to recharge and refresh.

In the essence of prevention, we should also make it a point to undergo medical screenings once in a while. There are age-appropriate medical screening tests such as mammography and Pap smear for women and PSA screening for men. We should make time to ask your physician for available, essential exams and start making appointments. 
Even younger individuals should also be aware of preventive screenings for their age group. In this modern era of fast-food and computers, there are a lot of diseases brought about by unhealthy lifestyle and diet. We should all be aware of this because the complications may be severe if the disease is not detected early. That is why regular screening is so important.

It is also important to keep records of your screening tests and the beginning of the year is an ideal time to arrange your medical records and important documents. Experts recommend making a list of your physician numbers, medications, insurance policies, etc. We are not certain whenever a medical emergency will arise so it is important to be prepared, always!

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  1. Great tips! I really like the one about not making radical changes to our diet... small and steady wins the race. :-) Thanks for linking up!