Saturday, 28 December 2013

Four Benefits of lifting weights

Here are some important  benefits you will gain from lifting weights

Balanced Hormones
Continuous and non-stop strength training will help reduce chronic inflammation and  reduce the possibility of having diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. A rigorous weight lifting compared to a moderate cardio exercise plan can help lessen hunger, junk food cravings and abrupt energy drops according to Jill Coleman, co-founder of Metabolic Effect in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Superior Aging

Strength training improves your body natural release of human growth hormone that helps in creating muscle and bone, improves metabolism and support a healthier body composition as you get older.

Better Overall Health
Base on a 2010 study, subjects that lift weights have sharper memory, better sleep and self confidence.

Greater Resistance to Disease
Those who lift weights for more than four months have a better immune defense in the skeletal muscle tissue after training, a study in the Journal of Applied Physiology. Consistent resistance workout improves white cell counts which can help deter various infections.

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