Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Iyengar's yoga class: Young or old, everyone's on the mat

In an overheated, billion-dollar market, Iyengar yoga stands apart, with its no nonsense, classicist approach. The guru smashed the weird-contortionist-twisted-around-himself cliche to create a scientific system for yoga. Iyengar is credited with some breakthrough ideas that form the bedrock of yoga practised in the world today.

Anyone can do yoga. There is no premium on being fit, flat-abbed or flexible in an Iyengar class. Iyengar believed yoga was as much for the ageing and sick as for the young and healthy. The techie with a stiff neck, the middle-aged mother with flabby triceps, the senior citizen with a shuffle, for Iyengar, no one was beyond yoga.

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