Monday, 14 April 2014

Not So Fast, Rookie Runners! Health Experts Suggest Taking New Routine Slowly

In temperate areas, especially the Northeast, the warm weather is finally resurfacing and many are eager to get out to enjoy it. Newly motivated novice runners are being urged by health experts to take it slow in the beginning to avoid injuries.

These experts believe it is key for beginners to establish their outdoor rhythm and pace in order to avoid injuries. This could mean walking for the first few weeks in order to get used to the weather and to prepare yourself for the exercise that lies ahead.

"Certainly when someone pushes body and mind farther there is going to be some discomfort," said certified running coach Jen Van Allen in this Yahoo! News article. "But a lot of people make the mistake of running as fast as they can and they get hurt."

She also suggests that beginners focus on their rhythm, decide what time of the day is best to run, determine the safest and most reasonable routes to run along, and see if it's better to exercise alone or with others. Everyone is different: some can run at a faster pace, some need flat terrain to help with any issues with their feet and legs, and some concentrate better when they're alone. Van Allen believes all of these aspects should be considered before diving into a new running routine.

Many beginners are unsure of how to initiate their routine, which can be a good thing. Research prior to delving into a new activity can be helpful and educational. For example, the Running Times website provides articles, tips, workouts, and information about races and events for runners. They focus on various levels of runners, beginning with those in high school, then progressing to college, and finally the experts.

David Siik is a Los Angeles-based running coach for the national fitness center chain Equinox. He suggests taking it slow and keeping a log when you're starting out because it's important to track progress and see where you stand. This can help you focus on your strength and improve your weaknesses. "You'll learn something new about yourself every time you run," he said in this Fox News article.

Just like anything else, these experts know it is imperative to learn more about yourself before buying a new expensive pair of running shoes and sprinting down your street until you're out of breath. Everybody has limitations, and they're important to note when beginning a strenuous routine such as running.

To read more about running and fitness health, visit this Reuters news article.

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