Thursday, 31 July 2014


A two-minute exercise is adequate to improve pensioners overall well-being. A recent study conducted for high intensity workout recommends an efficient way of delaying the effects of aging.
On the other hand, the media are promoting this study without realizing that it was conducted with only 12 participants in the span of just six weeks.

This study is comprised of two groups of six members .One group becomes the  control group while the other a high intensity training (HIT) group.

The HIT group performs a 6-second "all-out" cycling sprint twice a week for six weeks.The sprints are gradually increases  from six 6-second sprints to ten 6-second sprints.
The study showed a change in blood pressure, improve aerobic fitness and flexibility in the HIT group in comparison with the control group.

Because the study was conducted for a small group, it doesn't exactly shown the different scenarios of senior citizens as a whole. The findings of HIT for a bigger group of senior citizens may be inconsistent with the results in a smaller group.

The results are promising for HIT in senior citizens, but this results should be conducted to a wider participants to provide a more reliable outcome.

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